Top 4 Best Clamshell Heat Press Machines for T Shirts


Printed t shirts remain in trend always and everywhere. There are many people who started printing t-shirts for gifts and special occasions and grow their passion into a profitable business. Technology and easy to use heat press machines have made it easier for everyone to operate and own a heat press machine.

Here in this blog, I have brought you the best clamshell design heat press machines in 2023 for t-shirts which can be a major boost in your work station. Clamshell heat press machines are heavy duty and often used by business owners and in small industry.

Clamshell heat press machines are easy to use and they have low maintenance cost as well as effortless parts changing. Also. The usage of clamshell style digital heat press machine for t shirt printing has risen among the business owners from last few years.

PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital Heat Press


PowerPress heat press machine is an industrial quality heavy duty machine which come in clamshell design.  This machine has the ability to work on massive projects and with its easy-to-use design everyone can operate this machine which automatically make this machine one of the best heat press machines for t shirts.

The large 15 x 15 surface area provides enough space to shift your sublimation printing on different sizes of t-shirts with ease and professional finish. With its digital control panel, the pressure, time and temperature can also be adjusted easily. It has the maximum time of 999 seconds and an impressive 455-degree F temperature which makes this machine best heat press machine for t-shirts in clamshell design.

The safety of the worker and the machinery is most concerned feature for every business owner, this machine makes sure that it does not overheat, and do not cause any damage to worker or itself, because of a built-in and replaceable fuse.  Also, it uses a temperature monitoring chip unlike other typical heat pressers which uses thermostat.

One of many other interesting features of this machine is, the silicon mat is not glued and easily removeable and washable after the printing is done.

The reason of putting PowerPress heat press machine on top in the list of best heat press machines in 2023 is its availability on every online platform like Amazon, Walmart and many others.  Also, it is highly recommended not only by us but others too.

  • Easy to Clean and Replaceable Parts
  • Teflon Coated Heating Plate
  • Energy Efficient
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Heavy weight
  • Requires a Table or Stand to fit on

Fancierstudio Power Heat Press


In the category of digital heat press machines, Fancierstudio is a clamshell style heat press machine that is well equipped with bundle of features.  Your journey to find the best heat press machine for t shirts in 2023 should end here.

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  • Wide silicon-based platen
  • Long application time up to 15 minutes
  • 2 Years Long warranty
  • Adjustable temperature and pressure
  • Small screen
  • Factory default smell (takes some time to lose)

ePhotoInc Heat Press T shirt Transfer Machine


ePhotoInc Heat press machine is one of the best heat press machines under 200 dollars. Personally, I would recommend you this machine after the top two in our list.

As like other clamshell heavy duty heat press machines this also have a surface area of 15×15 which is good enough for all kinds of t-shirts and other stuff like mouse pads, ceramic tile and flat surfaces.

The maximum temperature can reach up to 500 degrees F and maximum time of 999 seconds makes sure that your sublimation prints are transferred with a smooth finish. All the stings can easily be controlled by its digital control panel and LCD display.

The Teflon coated heating plates distribute the heat equally to all over the project and adjustable pressure guarantees the professional and long-lasting finish of the sublimation prints on your t-shirts.

ePhotoInc heat press machines do not need any assembling as it come fully assembled from the factory and ready to use as soon as you open the box.

This heat press machine is best for industrial use, small scale business and as well as for home usage. It runs on 1400 watts and 110 Volts. Which is pretty economical. But I would recommend it for business purposes because it is specifically designed for speed and precision and can be count as best heat press machine for t shirts.

  • Comes Fully Assembled
  • Designed for Speed and Precision
  • Easy to use design
  • Some Parts have plastic wraps

RoyalPress Digital Heat Press


The last but not the least on our list of best heat press machine for t shirts is RoyalPress digital heat press machine. in the category of clamshell design best heat press machines in 2023, this babe has made its place in top 4.

With a printing area of 15×15 inches and adjustable pressure and temperature settings this machine can transfer sublimation ink to a number of objects including t-shirts, mouse pads, ceramic tiles and many more.

It comes with a digital control panel and a LCD display. The maximum temperature is 480 degrees F and the maximum count down timer can be set to 999 seconds which is more than enough for a smooth printing on any object.

The pressure can easily be adjusted through the pressure knob present at the handle.

The manufacturers of this machine have made necessary additions to this machine to make this a user and owner friendly product. The silicone gel board of this machine will not damage the products while operating and the built-in fuse, which is also replaceable, makes sure that this machine does not over heat or pass over current.

This machine is best for home use and small businesses. RoyalPass heat press machine is best t shirt heat press machine for beginners.

We will not recommend this for large business or industrial usage.

  • User friendly
  • Low cost
  • Digital display
  • No warranty
  • Not suitable for heavy use

Concluding Remarks

Although all the machines listed in this article are top of the field but if you are looking for my recommendation then I will sure recommend PowerPress. This machine has the ability to work with high production line and best for small businesses too.

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Powerpress i really a good machine to have in your work station.

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