Top 10 Best Affordable Sublimation Printers (Buying Guide)

Budget must not be a hurdle in creativity. Many times people quit their interests, hobbies, and creativity just because of limited resources but not anymore now. To eradicate this burden for young entrepreneurs, we worked extensively to pick the best affordable sublimation printers that could kick start their sublimation business. 

Now pack your bags, tighten your bows, motivate yourself and jump into the business and start your career growth with limits beyond the skies. 

Epson Workforce WF-2860 All-in-One Wireless Color Printer with Scanner

Epson Workforce WF-2860

The WorkForce series has shown us that their working performance for heavy work load is fantastic. They are more concerned with office and business usage rather than home. Built quality, rich and sharp color prints, and reliability of printer are key features of this cheap industrial sublimation printer.


Powered with Precision Core technology, this device prints vibrant colored prints and easily handle extreme workloads.

Documentation feeder: 

Auto-documentation is a very user-friendly feature that saves a lot of time and effort when printing large volumes or printing in a hurry. This little camp has 30 pages’ storage capacity which is enough to meet office requirements. Further, the working of the auto-documentation feeder works very fine.

Auto duplex:

Automatic printing of dual sides of the paper without external aid is a time and effort-saving feature. WF 2860 prints in auto duplex mode with excellent speed.


When you are concerned with business or office usage, copying and scanning are mandatory requirements. Keeping this in mind, Epson has loaded this best budget sublimation printer with all these and their performance is optimized by precision Core tech.

Storage & speed:

Usually storage facility is not provided in inexpensive sublimation printers but in this all-in-one printer you will get 150 sheets storage facility along with a printing speed of 14ppm for monochrome and 7.5 ppm for colored ones which is quite appreciable.

Control and Connectivity: 

Colored 2.4” touch screen is easy to use. Controlling the process becomes easier when wireless connectivity options are easy to use.

  • Auto documentation feeder
  • Auto duplex
  • Speedy prints with a good storage capacity
  • 4” touch display
  • Cartridges cannot be refilled

HP Envy Inspire 7955e Wireless Color All-in-One Printer

If you are a photographer and loves to sublimate your captures to shirts, mugs, or anything decorative item, then you need a good photo sublimation printer. If your limited budget is restricting you from getting one, then HP Envy Inspire 7955e is the cheapest sublimation printer with tremendous qualities like mentioned below.


Smart printing options are available due to advances in printing technology. Perfect for home-usage. You can print documents, family photos, and other excellent quality sublimation prints in borderless sizes. Auto documentation feeder and sustainability in design with 45% recycled plastic are appreciable achievements by HP Envy.

Smart Printing: 

In this low cost sublimation printer, you will get a smart printing option that enables you to print from anywhere and it works amazingly perfect. for this, you should have internet connections.

Printing Size: 

Multiple options are compatible with printing. you can print 5” x 5” square high-resolution pictures. For your family photographs, panoramic photo printing up to 4” x 12” size is available that works flawlessly.

Free Ink: 

There is an exciting offer by HP for you. so if you subscribe to buy original inks then they will provide you free ink for the first 6 months and even after that, they will supply you ink even if you forgot to order. Isn’t such caring responsibility being adorable by HP?

Auto 2 sided printing: 

Auto dual-sided printing along with copying, and scanning make this a multifunctional yet affordable device.

HP smart App: 

This smartphone application is so user-friendly that you will enjoy using it. With this, you will also get access to many more features like printing, copying from anywhere, and many more.


Wi-Fi, Ethernet cable, and smart connection choices are provided along with an intuitive touch screen with info graphical icons for ease in controlling this cheap HP sublimation printer.

  • Documentation feeder
  • Panoramic printing
  • Smart App
  • Ecofriendly
  • Only original inks are used

Pantum P2502W Wireless Laser Printer for Home

Pantum has remarkably provided certain essential features are a very cheap price making Pantum P2502W the cheapest printer for sublimation. Particularly specified for home usage with a remarkable speed, but it is an awesome choice for both home and office.


Although, Laser technology is old yet has promising results so you should have confidence as this technology is widely tested and proven. Sleek and compact design looks beautiful and adds beauty to your home and office table.

Printing Speed: 

The printing speed of Pantum P2502W is amazingly fast and furious. You will be surprised that is cheap laser printer prints up to 23 ppm for letter-sized papers and 22 for A4 size. We believe that if this single feature is enough for me to buy this printer.  


Wireless and high-speed USB connections are supported in this device. Wi-Fi setting is in one-click options. You can also connect using your smartphones having Pantum APP which is available for android and IOS freely.

Free ink: 

As a starter gift for you, ink to print 700 pages comes within the box. So enjoy speedy prints.


You will have a 1-year warranty along with free 24-hour support service through calls.

  • Extraordinary speed
  • Quality prints
  • Beautiful design
  • Free ink
  • No LCD

Canon PIXMA G1220 Single Function MegaTank Inkjet Printer

Mega tank printers usually have the quality of saving ink expenditures as compared to the cartridge using printers. Same case with this Canon PIXMA G1220 which saves a lot of dollars at every refill. This affordable sublimation printer has all the required abilities to be the best budget canon printer in the market.


Inkjet printers usually have steady performance with vibrant colored prints at a reasonable speed. Dye sublimation technology enables you to save a lot of ink expenditures and as it is made for office-directed usage, it can easily manage heavy workloads.

Printing Size: 

A variety of sublimation papers are acceptable by this cheap cannon printer by which you can print small photos of size 4” x 6” to wide format official documents in 8.5” x 14” even in borderless options depending on your requirements.


External mega tank for ink can hold a lot of volumes almost equal to 30 cartridges of ink but as this affordable office sublimation printer uses bottled inks that are cheaper and generally you save up to $1000 at every refill. Further, it easily prints 6000+ black prints or 7700+ colored prints with single fill up and can print up to 5ppm for glossy prints.


USB and Ethernet cable support is provided for steady connections

  • Dye-sub technology
  • Large ink tank
  • Borderless printing
  • Quality prints
  • No wireless connectivity

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KODAK Step Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

Kodak Printers are mostly meant for photo printing so their color contrasts and saturation levels are way higher than other competitors in the market. This KODAK printer is from the mini printer pocket-size category with ready-to-go options.


Want to print without spending money on inks? This photography oriented printer also has a different yet extraordinary performing Zink Technology that creates natural colored borderless prints with perfection. This zero ink technology saves you from spending money on toners, cartridges, etc. Crystal-dyed papers help you spread amazing colors even without borders.  


One of the cool things that I personally like is its small size that fits in the pocket easily so you can print your memories anywhere anytime. Graduating from college or having a first date no matter just click photos by your phone and print instantly to share your everlasting memories. Personally, I love this feature.


This free editing tool is available on both IOS and Android stores. You can enhance and set color tones in your pictures to get vibrant colored photo prints.

Connectivity & speed:

Bluetooth and NFC connection provide hustle-free printing performance with a speed of 1ppm.  

  • Zero Ink technology
  • Portable
  • Crystal Dyed paper
  • Borderless printing
  • No Wi-Fi

Canon PIXMA TR4520 Wireless All in One Photo Printer

Canon is a popular and trusted brand in the market of photography. Canon PIXMA TR4520 is a wonderful choice for photo printing as it comes with high resolution that brings crisp and vibrancy in colors and makes them look super attractive.


Boosted with inkjet technology, this affordable canon sublimation printer is meant to print vivid colors on photo sublimation prints. Print quality of is very impressive. You can print your family and natural photos on glossy prints for home décor and on sublimation paper for making crafts on t shirts, mugs, and other kinds of stuff. Although it is specified for photo printing but it can also be used for office usages like document printing and copying.

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Auto Duplex: 

This is a time-saving feature and has significant importance when dealing with a heavy workload. Inbuilt rolling printer prints on both sides with great precision.

Working with Alexa: 

Operation thorough voice commands is feasible using Alexa and this makes this whole printing process super easy.

Dash replenishment: 

Although this is an optional feature and activated on demand but as it is free and very useful you should also get this. It will send ink buying orders automatically when you reach a lower threshold level. Further, you will get a discount of 10% on ink bought through it. So savings without worries.


Multiple options like Wi-Fi, high-speed USB 2.0, and Ethernet cable connections provide a steady and swift flow of data. Air print or Mopria Print on your smartphones can easily access this budget canon printer.

  • Auto duplex
  • Dash replenishment
  • Works with Alexa
  • High resolutions
  • Absence of colored display

Epson Expression Home XP-4100 Wireless Color Printer with Scanner and Copier

Epson is known for its remarkable performance and low printing cost. Epson Expression Home XP-4100 is made by considering the fact of making it a cheap Epson sublimation printer for home. It also has flexible working temperature requirements and can accomplish its tasks easily in severe cold regions even without preheating the system.


The printing technology used in this cheapest sublimation printer is Inkjet technology which enables it to perform extraordinarily with brilliant and sharp color saturations.

Auto 2 sided Printing: 

This feature is really a time-saver and decision-maker for buying such an affordable printer. We know that every second of life means a lot so for making ease and saving your time, auto dual-sided printing helps effectively. Moreover, it works well and saves a lot of precious time.


This small gadget comes loaded with a bunch of functions including a scanner and copier which easily detects every detail from the subject. The copying quality is also impressive and the color sharpness matches with the original one.


This device is very easy to operate even without prerequisite knowledge of printing. 2.4” LCD has colored icons that can easily be understood. Further, navigation keys with soft-touch aid in controlling the printer. The voice-activated command system is also integrated into this printer and it works flawlessly.


Wi-Fi connectivity options are available for the smooth flow of data. You can also store and share data from your cloud

  • Inkjet technology
  • Auto 2-sided printing
  • 4” LCD
  • Multifunctional
  • Refilled cartridges do not work well.

HP DeskJet 3755e
All-in-One Wireless Printer

This is a compact category printer from HP that comes with a high number of features that make this device an all-round performer for home and office usage. It occupies a wide variety of tasks thus making it the best affordable HP printer. The sleek and stylish plastic design itself gives a creative look and adds to the beauty of your home or office.


In terms of technology, the Inkjet technique is installed in this printer which helps create vivid and sharp colored sublimation prints.


This compact cracker is full of surprises. Copy, scan, and printing functions work great and do not lack in any category.

Instant Ink: 

To enhance the quality of prints, HP recommends using their original ink. By subscribing to HP instant ink you will get free ink for 4 months and later they will send you ink before you replenish out. So enjoy free ink and print anytime without worrying about refills.

Printing Size: 

Generally, in cheap sublimation printers, there are lesser options in terms of sheet size but the solution for such a problem is here. Small 3” x 5” sized photo prints to large 8.5” x 14” sized legal documents can be easily printed by this printer.

Smart App:

Free HP smart app opens the doors to many new features including cloud printing, controlling printer by your phone, and many more.


One-year warranty with 24 hours customer service support makes a trustworthy deal.


Wi-Fi, cloud printing, and Ethernet support are available in this cheap HP printer.

  • High performance
  • Multifunctional
  • Instant Ink
  • HP Smart App
  • Refilled cartridges are not recommended

HP DeskJet Plus 4152 Wireless All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer

HP has remarkably elegant devices in the category of best inexpensive HP printers because of the ecofriendly approach using recycled plastic for body manufacturing. Crystal white appearance looks adorable.


Printing quality is very good and impressive with such low price of sublimation printer. Color prints are fade and peel-resistant. So you can enjoy every season by wearing your loved sublimated t shirts.

Documentation Feeder: 

What if you want to print a long document but have to leave urgently? Don’t worry, the auto-documentation feeder is a remarkable feature that brings ease to printing in hurry. You can print up to 35 pages using this feature.


In this device, you will get a flatbed scanner that does not miss any details and make an exact copy of it. The color saturation is excellent.

Smart App: 

HP smart app allows you to print from your phone along with editing and customization of your work.


Wireless and USB connectivity along with Ethernet cable support provides steady and fast connections without any interruptions

  • High performance
  • 35 pages Auto documentation feeder
  • Smart App
  • Inexpensive
  • Small LCD

Liene 4x6'' Photo Printer, Wi-Fi Picture Printer

Here comes a stylish yet compact photo printer that stands out to be the best affordable sublimation printer for photos because of rich-hued and high-quality prints. Liene photo printer is a cheap dye sublimation printer.  


The thermal dye-sub technology creates sharp and vibrant colors that bond tightly with the final object. This resists any scratches, peeling, or fading of colors. hence increasing the life of prints.

User friendly: 

Printing with this phot sublimation printer is very easy and convenient. Your smartphone can also connect through plug-in with the printer. One-click prints are user-friendly. Further, you will never face paper jam issues. Paper jamming will move to history and sooner you will forget that such a problem does even existed before if you started printing your memorable photo by this sublimation machine.

Editing App: 

Liene app is a professional-level platform for editing and customizing your photos, crafts, and other designs easily and professionally. Texture, color toon, and other edits enhance the printing quality.

Sheet size & storage: 

internal sheet tray holds 20 glossy sheets and the size is 4 x 6 inches. Further, you will also get 20 sheets free of cost when buying this printer.  


This device has a broad range of compatibilities allowing you to freely connect and use it with android, IOS, and PCs. Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and plug-in supports are available for speedy connections. Wi-Fi doesn’t require any additional settings.

  • Dye-sub technology
  • Portable
  • Wide compatibility
  • Free editing tool
  • Bit slow speed


In final conclusive remarks, we would like to inform you that all the above review items belong to the category of the best affordable sublimation printers. They were selected on behalf of customer satisfaction, personal experience, and thorough research. You can pick any of them without any hesitation. If you like to know about our final recommendations then it would beEpson expression XP- 4100 and HP DeskJet 3755. But still, remember that you know best about your requirements and you must decide according to them. If you want our exclusive guidelines for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will attempt our level best to resolve your quarries.

Buying guide

Buying guide involves some of the most critical features that need to be kept in mind before buying anything or a device.


In the category of cheap sublimation printers mostly, printers have a low resolution which can lead to fuzzy prints. But some printers have reasonable resolution depth. Moreover, the technology used in them helps them enhance the color resolution of prints. So, before buying any product you need to have a comparison between printers in terms of resolution so that you can pick the best one from the category.


Affordability does not mean the price will be cheap. For some people, a $1000 device might be affordable, but for many, it is way expensive. You have to decide according to your budget before selecting any device. There are many printers available below $250 with remarkable features, performance, and durability.


Multiple options in connectivity are feasible for connections. Keep in mind that some printers require. Special drivers and set up instructions for wireless or NFC connections. So this might be hectic. Many printers also offer smart apps that easily connect your smartphone with the printer and allow you to print freely from anywhere.

Printing speed

When dealing with a heavy workload, printing speed matters a lot. For business purposes, printers with high printing speeds are recommended. But in the case of photo printing due to sharp and vibrant colored printing, speed might be slower which is fairly reasonable. In the current review, some printers provide extraordinary printing speed. So depending upon your work requirements, you should pick the right choice for yourself.

Printing sheet size

There are variable sheet sizes specified for different work needs. As for photo printing for home decor. 4” cross 6” is the most frequently used size. And for official documents legal, a3 and a4 size documents are widely used. In the case of poster or fabric sublimation printing, sheets up to 24” width to variable length are used.

So keeping in mind all the above essential features, decide according to your requirements what you should choose as the best affordable sublimation printer for yourself.


How much does a sublimation printer costs?

Prices may vary from printer to printer but a cheap sublimation printer costs around 100 dollars. Many like KODAK mini and Epson expression XP- 4100 are even available below 100 dollars. So it basically depends on you that what is your particular requirement from the printer, so are the prices which goes way above 2000 dollars for professional ones for the extended business.

What is the most affordable sublimation printer?

In the general category, Epson Ecotank 2720 is the best cheap sublimation printer with a lot of features and durable quality. It has almost all the essential things that are necessary for quality sublimation printing.

How to convert an inkjet printer into a sublimation printer?

You can easily do this conversion process which is very easy. First, you need to remove ordinary ink from your printer, then select a suitable sublimation ink depending upon your printer and whether it uses cartridge or bottled ink. If your printer has a nozzle blocking problem then select that sublimation ink that has a small molecular diameter. Now set color saturation levels by using the ICC profile of that ink. After this, your printer is ready for sublimation.

Which is the cheapest sublimation printer with good performance?

If you are looking to buy the best affordable sublimation printer with remarkable performance then Epson XP- 4100, ET 2760, and HP DeskJet 3755 are top ratted devices in this category. You can pick anyone from the above review as they are mostly recommended, hence reviewed.

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[…] Top 10 Best Affordable Sublimation Printers (Buying Guide) […]

[…] Top 10 Best Affordable Sublimation Printers (Buying Guide) […]


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