Top 8 Best Heat Press Machines for Sublimation

best heat press machines

Sublimation printing is the newest DIY professionalism and a creative business with good outputs. Heat press machine is as crucial as choosing the best sublimation printer. So, professionals prefers to buy the best heat press machine that has all the required capabilities to run that business smoothly. To find best professional heat press machine, you need to do some research but time limitations are certain. This is where Printers Collection comes in the game by providing our enthusiast visitors with worthy and decision making knowledge to help them buy the best quality heat press machine.

Fancierstudio Power Heat Press Machine

In the category of digital heat press machines, Fancierstudio is a clamshell style heat press machine that is well equipped with bundle of features. This is one of the top rated device mostly used as t shirt heat press because of its flat platen. The wide platen that is finely made with non-sticky silicon based coating is 15 x 15 inches in area providing enough space for sublimation transfers on shirts. 

Further adding to its functionality, Fancierstudio Power Heat press printing machine has a wide range of temperature up to 699 °F which is further adjustable with a manual knob. The application period is up to 15 minutes which can be used for wood sublimation also. Surprisingly, it offers a wonderful output of 1800 W at an input of standard 110V. Pressure is manually adjusted after closing the shell. 

Temperature and pressure values appearing on the digital screen are helpful yet screen is a bit small. This could be a problem for persons with eyesight issues. This professionally crafted heat press machine for t shirts is exclusively a mid-ranged device and recommended for home use and small business.

  • Wide silicon based platen
  • Long application time up to 15 minutes
  • 2 Years Long warranty
  • Adjustable temperature and pressure
  • Small screen

Hihone manufacturers are considered as trust worthy brand of electronics with user friendly products. One of their famous product is Hihone 8 in 1 multipurpose heat press machine for sublimation. This extraordinary device can handle all the tasks of small yet professional sublimation business effectively and efficiently.

Talking about the features of this amazing pro heat press, you will get a 360° all-round swivel. This provides heat press applicability to bundle of items like t shirt, mugs, hats, ceramics, pillows and many fabric wares. It has an adjustable platen with Teflon coating providing extra care for user. Additional curved platen for mugs, and extra heating plates for hats and hoodies make it the real 8 in 1 heat press machine.

The temperature range provided in this multi functional heat press is 32° to 430°F which is quite reasonable when we compare it with other options available with the machine. The working input is the standard one of 110V and gives output of 900W that is perfectly suitable for small business items like mugs, t shirts, and ceramics. 

The time of application is up to 17 minutes which is higher than certain top seller heat press machines on amazon. Soft rubber buttons provide comfy touch while adjusting temperature and pressure. By considering all the above functions, it can be termed as multiuse heat press machine.

  • Adaptable for multiple products
  • Teflon protection coating
  • Easy to operate
  • 360 rotation
  • 10 x 12 platen size is bit smaller

As the heavy and rigorous design reflects, this industrial heat press machine is well capable to perform heavy tasks continuously. A higher output of 1400W allows to heat press effectively with temperature range up to 750F with maximum implication range time of 17 minutes. And this is on traditional 110V input. 

Such immense output on a large 15 x15 inches flat platen allows this incredible heat press machine to perform extraordinarily on t shirts, ceramics, and other high temperature stable elements like metals, plastics and woods. This opens the door to wood, plastic and metal sublimation with this industrial heat press machine.

Powerpress heat press machine is well equipped with all the necessary features to easily operate the device. A replaceable fuse in addition can lower your visits to garage for repairs in case of overheating. The silicon coated bed protects the objects from any sort of damage or burning in case of overheating. 

This heavy duty industrial heat press has the ability to manually adjust its temperature according to the object on which we are using it, like both will be different for polyester shirts than for thicker clothes.

An year-long warranty is a sign of trust worthiness. 

  • Heavy duty professional heat press
  • Higher output of 1800W
  • High temperature range up to 750F
  • Overheating can occur as no auto shutoff feature is available.

Home appliances are typically made considering small, limited usage but with beautiful and appealing design. This small and elegantly designed heat press has 10 x12 inches platen that efficiently heat press sublimation art on clothes of your children, or signature shirts for your partner. 

Consider working on high 350F+ temperature for long time would burn your hands, thankfully the overheating safety mechanism insulates the external handle and body from heating up by using a three layer insulation mechanism. Further, safe mode ensures that babies never accidently burn their hand. You just need to on the safe mode while you are not working with this small heat press.

You can easily operate this inexpensive heat press using the super sensitive touch screen which is routinely not present in other heat press sublimation machines. Besides this device doesn’t not have clamshell design, still this press machine offers pressure adjustment to some extent as it is provided by force of springs along with its own weight of 8lbs. With all such extra special features, this is definitely the best heat press for home use.

  • Anti-heating mechanism
  • Dual mode, Working/ Safety
  • Touch screen
  • Pressure adjustment feature
  • The handle may become slightly warmer some times

Hats are among the eye catching items in dress code. Hat sublimation is the latest trend in sublimation, Vevor heat press is specifically made for heat pressing on hats as the clamshell design is especially made by understanding the requirements according to head ware like hats, caps etc. The design appears heavy and durable. The curved design helps precise transfer of sublimation prints by providing equal temperature and force of pressure though out the platen. 

One the unique advancement in this heat press machine under $200 is the die casted aluminum plate that increase the life span of device. Further, during testing, we found that this plate also prevents sticking or damage on hats due to high pressure.  You can manually adjust temperature and pressure using buttons having digital display. 

Adding to this, softness of button is also unique. The auto shutoff working fine and stops heating after fixed time lap. All these valuable specifications make VEVOR the best heat press machine for hats.

  • Curved design
  • Die coated Aluminum base
  • Auto shutoff
  • Non portable

Cricut mug press comes with couple of best things which make this product stand out among the typical heat press machines for mugs and makes it best mug heat press machine in 2023 (portable). The first thing is that this machine is portable, easy to set up as it comes with a USB cord, and dimensions are 33.29 x 23.5 x 21.2cm. It can be easily considered as the best heat press machine under $200.  

This machine can be controlled remotely through cricut software. You can use mugs which have the sizes between 350ml and 470ml to obtain best results.

Cricut mug press machine uses automatic sensors to detect temperature in the surroundings and adjust heat and pressure settings accordingly to transfer the art in best quality. Which is also an attractive feature for less technical users because you do not need to waste your time struggling with all those settings, this machine do them for you. 

Unlike traditional heat press machines being used for mugs, this machine gives a glossy and smooth finish to the mugs which can be used in dishwashers and microwaves. This single feature should enough for you as you would want your customers to be safe while using your artistic mugs.  

  • Remotely controlled
  • Automatic heat and pressure settings
  • Best for those who have other cricut products
  • Auto Shutoff
  • Only Uses cricut infusible ink
  • Requires cricut cutting machine

Heat press machine for hoodies, clothes, and banners require large flat platen to heat transfer sublimation prints to final objects quickly and effectively. The 15 x 15 inches heating area provides enough space to do such tasks. Yet in case of small prints you will need heat press pads which are required in most cases for every heat press. This all round 360 rotating has manual knobs to adjust temperature, pressure and rotation. Controlled environment provides freedom and safety for the user.

Addition of hat press along with mug press and plates press make it all in one heat press for business use. The additional items saves a lot of money from buying dedicated heat press for every item. These cool features make it widely applicable for t shirts, mugs, hats, and economical especially in a scenario when you are starting new business with limited budget. For the sake of safety, a digital safety board is embedded that monitors and protects the device in case of fluctuating voltage.

  • Temperature range up to 450F
  • 360 rotation
  • Safety board
  • Short warranty time

This little cutie comes under the category of heat press machines under $100 but in terms of working comparison with price then it is definitely term as the cheapest heat press machine with worth.  The little champ heats up quickly and is ready for work in few seconds. Further the resting stand is heat resistant and issues of melting base, and handle warming in other heat press will not be with heat press machine for HTV.

The 10 x 10 inches scratch platen is good enough for working on T shirts as it can be dedicated for shirt sublimation for family and even small business. Adding to it, the auto off feature is really helpful while working at home and will shut off if you don’t use it for 15 minutes saving lot of electricity and other burning issues. 

The ergonomic design provides dual feature of ironing and sublimation. So, you don’t need to buy iron press if you have the HTVRONT heat press machine. The smooth working experience further adds to the features list of this stunning device.

  • Dual working (Ironing/sublimation)
  • Scratch resistant platen
  • Auto off
  • 1 year warranty
  • Temperate range is average


After thorough analysis of all these best heat press machines for sublimation, we came to a conclusion that Fancierstudio digital heat press is best suitable for wide range of applications including home use, small to moderate business, and dedicated professional work. HTV heat press for t shirts is the second choice in case of limited budget or for home use. Further, the rest of machines are perfect for the categories they are mentioned with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a good starter heat press?

For starters, T shirt sublimation is most obvious and for that you need to buy HTVRONT Heat Press Machine for T-Shirts which is quite cheaper than routine heat press machines and will perform dual functions like ironing your clothes and sublimation with single machine.

  1. Is a heat press or Cricut easy press better?

Both have their own benefits and limitations. The answer to this question varies for person to person.

If you have limited working area and limited budget than definitely cricut easy press would be the choice you should go with but in case you don’t have such limitation than you should prefers heat press. Further, you can say heat press is more use full for professionals as compared with cricut east press which is for beginners and hobbyists.

  1. What is the difference between a heat transfer and a sublimation heat press?

The difference may not appears for ordinary people but heat transfer adds a layer over the fabric while in case of sublimation transfer, the ink merges with the fibers of fabrics without making a new layer. This provides extra durability to sublimation transfer than heat transfer. And the image never distort even starching the shirt in case of sublimation but heat transfer layer quickly breaks at minor stretches

  1. Do you need a sublimation printer for heat press?

In case of sublimation transfer than you will definitely need a sublimation printer to print the sublimation art. But in case of heat transfer, you can print with ordinary inkjet printers as it does not require special sublimation ink.

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[…] Top 8 Best Heat Press Machines for Sublimation […]

[…] Top 8 Best Heat Press Machines for Sublimation […]

[…] Top 8 Best Heat Press Machines for Sublimation […]

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