Top 7 Best Heat Press Machines for Mugs

Are you looking for a best heat press machine for mugs and do not want to do the tiring and hectic research work to find best one? Do not worry folks, we got you covered in this article. We carefully enlist best heat press machines for mugs in 2023 available in the market. This article reviewed some best entry level, mid-range and professional level machines for mugs available in different prices.

Gifting a customized mug has been become a trend in recent years. You can turn that into a profitable business or own a heat press machine at home to use when needed. Latest technology has made things that easy. Everyone owns and operate heat mug pressers without any professional help.

Cricut Mug Press

Cricut mug press was specifically designed to be used in home. This portable machine comes with the dimensions of 8.19 x 13.15 x 8.74 inches and size of 7.9 pounds.  The small size does not mean that this machine is not good, the outputs can really impress you. It gives smooth and professional finish to your mugs.

This machine is really easy to use, all you have to do is, create a design and transfer it to sheet by a cutting machine, then wrap it around the mug and place it in the heat press. The heat press will automatically do the rest and your smooth glossy finished ceramic mug will be in front of you, ready to be gifted to friends, family or coworkers.


Cricut mug heat press is best for mugs from 11 oz to 16 oz (350 to 470 ml). the heat and pressure settings are automatic and one touch. Heating plates with zone heating gives an instant dishwasher, peel proof and oven usable mugs. Usually, it works with infusible ink products but also can be used with other sublimation inks. It works with a cutting machine and if you own one then this is a perfect addition to your work lab.


Designed to be used in home. If you own a small business and other Cricut printing products then this machine will be a great fit for you.

  • On touch operations
  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Need a cutting machine

BIZK Mug Press CH2236

This comes with the dimension of 11.8 x 9.84 x 7.87 inches which makes this machine portable and easy to handle because it has only about 5 kg weight. This machine is mainly used by individuals to create custom mugs for gifting on different eves. This machine is best for different type of mugs and tumbler. It won’t be wrong to place it as the best portable heat press machine for coffee mugs.

The best thing is you can print two cups of less than 15 oz in same time through this machine. This machine can be labeled as the best heat press machine for steel cups in this price range.  This is also best heat press machine for glass cups which can bear high temperature.


Having a steel frame makes this machine more durable than its competitors in the market. The diameter is adjusted with the help of a screw which make this machine suitable nearly all kind of mugs. It is best for mugs from 11 oz to 30 oz size. With the dual digital display and control settings, temperatures can be controlled manually which allows to use this machine for different cups other than ceramics. The highest temperature can be set to approximately 400 degrees F. it works with sublimation glass cups/mugs, sublimation metal mugs/cups and sublimation ceramic cups/mugs to give them a professional look.


It is best for home and small business as you can print on a larger scale and production speed is good. Also, it works with different types of cups and tumblers.

  • Easy to use
  • Controllable settings 
  • Shutoff automatically

    FUN-WORX Tumbler Mug Press

    FUN-WORX heat press machines come with the dimensions of 20 x 14 x 12.6 inches and best for straight mugs, tumblers, water bottles, cups and thermos. This machine does not wrap the tumbler full which is completely normal for a heat press machine as when the tumbler is half done you have to move it 180 degrees to finish the rest.

    This machine does not occupy much space so it would not be problem of storing space in your working area.


    With its easy-to-use technology and digital display, controlling the timer and temperature settings is a piece of cake. Maximum temperature is 430 degrees F and timer can be set to maximum 999 seconds.  There are only three operational buttons on the display which controls all the settings.


    Small shops and home are the best places where this machine can be used to its full potential.

    • One touch easy to use controls
    • Suitable for tumblers, mugs and bottles
    • Price is high

    Noe Dreaming Mug Heat Press

    If you are looking for a product with an even heat transfer, vivid, and perfect printing pattern then this machine is your answer. Noe mug heat press machines was designed to be operated in small scale. It has some similar qualities to BIZK mug press machine and also has some better features which stand this babe out from its competitors. The smaller size makes this machine portable and can be stored easily. The pressure adjustment screw can be used to change the diameter of the machine and it becomes fit for many types of mugs and tumblers.  

    The pair of heat resistant gloves that come with this great product is also catching. Now there is no need to buy extra gloves to remove your heated mugs from the heat press machine.


    Noe Dreaming Mug heat press machine have two time settings and three temperature settings which can be controlled by the buttons fixed on its LCD display.  The maximum temperature can be obtained is about 400 degrees F, and maximum time limit is 300s. This machine is best suited for cylindrical mugs and cups from 11 oz to 15 oz.  it supports full and partial print as mugs and tumblers larger than 16 oz will have the partial prints. It also has a smart audible alarm and auto shutdown option after 10 minutes of no use.


    It is best recommended for small businesses. It is best for creating anniversary gifts, thanks giving gifts and all kind of other occasional gifts.

    • Smooth operations
    • Adjustable pressure knob
    • No Attachments

    BetterSub Mug Heat Press

    The BetterSub make good presses for sublimation printing on t shirts, mugs and cups and also make sublimation paper. If you are looking for a cup and mug press machine to use in home or on small scale then the basic heat mug press machine from BetterSub is all you need in your work station.

    The small size of the heat press lever gives it a compact design which can be stored easily.


    The durable mug attachment sheet made of aluminum and silica gel has good heat resistance. Premium electric heating sheets can heat up quickly to the 450 degrees F and can be remain damage less to 700 degrees F. which is quite good feature. The water bottles and ceramic mugs sizes from 6 to 11 oz can be printed through this machine. You can manually adjust its time 240 seconds and pressure can be adjusted through a pressure knob.  The automatic baking time control and automatic temperature constant makes this machine really attractive among others.


    Best for home use. Not recommended if you are looking to use it for commercial purposes.

    It is best for designing cylindrical mugs, cups and water bottles from 6 to 11 oz sizes.

    • Adjustable Settings
    • Compact Design
    • Digital control panel
    • No additional attachments

    VEVOR Automatic Mug Heat Press

    The VEVOR Automatic Mug Heat Press machine for mugs and tumblers is similar to the Cricut heat press machine for mugs. It has the dimensions of 11 x 6 x 6.3 inches and weighs only 5.73 pounds which makes this machine portable and compact in design.

    This one of the best mug heat press machine makes it easy to create a flawless sublimation transfer on mugs and cups. This machine is not only best for ceramic mugs but also for glass and stainless-steel mugs.


    The one button settings technology makes it easy to use as the machine can be turned on, temperature adjustments and time settings can all be applied through that same button.  Only press the button for 6 seconds to adjust temperature and for 10 seconds to adjust time. The automatic door of the machine senses the mug the close the door. After the sublimation heat press machine done its work, the door opens automatically and here your, ready to use, cup is in front of you.

    The temperature can be set to a maximum of 392 degrees F and time can be adjusted to the maximum of 100 seconds.  It is best for 11 to 15 oz mugs and cups.


    This machine is best suited for home uses.

    • On button settings
    • Easy to use
    • Automatic sensors
    • No Extra attachments

    Super Deal Pro 2-in-1 Mug Heat Press

    The manual operated Super Deal Pro 2-in-1 Mug Heat Press for mugs is the best heat press transfer sublimation machine for coffee mugs in this price range. Its design is durable and long lasting. The rubber coatings on the handle not only saves the user from heat but also gives a firm grip while operating.

    Super Deal also offer different pressers for t shirts and other material but this particular product is for coffee mugs and the best part of this machine is it come with two attachments.

    The one attachment is for 11 oz cups and the other is for 12 oz mugs which are usually known as latte mugs or cone mugs.


    The maximum heat output of this machine is nearly 650 degrees F. the solid steel body makes this machine durable and digital display panel is also appealing. The maximum timer is 240 seconds but that is enough for all sublimation application on ceramic products. Pressure can be adjusted with the help of the pressure knob.


    Super Deal Pro 2-in-1 Mug Heat Press is recommended for commercial purpose. This machine can really speedup the production of printed coffee mugs.

    • Additional mug attachments
    • High heat output
    • Pressing cycle record system
    • All manual operations


    If you are looking to buy a heat press machine for cups to use at home then the Cricut mug press is the best option for you as it is portable and also price is not that high. But if you are looking to buy a machine for coffee cups then you should consider Super Deal Pro 2-in-1 Mug Heat Press. This machine is best suitable for startups and businesses.


    How long do you heat press a mug?

    Depending on the temperature setting 3 to 4 minutes are enough for smooth glossy mug print finish. If you set the temperature from 380 to 400 degrees F then this time is enough.

    What can you do with a Mug Press?

    A mug press is a mug shaped machine which is used to transfer photos, logos, design and text on the mugs, cups, water bottles and tumblers.

    Can a Mug Press be used on glass?

    Yes, there are pressers from different companies which are suitable to be used not only on glass but also stainless-steel surfaces.

    What kind of paper do you use for Mug Press?

    The printing on mug needs a special kind of paper known as sublimation paper.

    The coating on sublimation paper allows ink to absorb on your product such as mugs, cups and bottles. The sublimation ink along with polymer coated mugs gives the best and accurate transfers

    Buying Guide

    If you are looking to buy a best suitable heat press machine for mugs for home or for your business, please take these into consideration.

    Adjustable vs Automatic

    There are three types of heat press machine for cups available in the market, automatic, semiautomatic and manual.

    If you are buying a mug presser only to use at home for gift purposes then automatic machines like Cricut are best for you.

    But if you are planning to start a business and also do not want to hire professionals so early in your startup then the semi-automatic machines are the on you should go for.

    And at last, if you have a professional operator and well-established business then you should go for manual machines as they are built for commercial purposes. 


    The heat pressers with maximum temperature lower than 350 degrees F are those whose print will not last longer. You should always go for products having the temperature more than 400 degrees F.  


    If you are looking to work with ceramic only then the maximum time range of 240 seconds in enough. But for glass and steel you need more time to get the darker shades so the timer should be at least 999 seconds.


    Production Goals

    If you are not clear about your production goals then you can never purchase a suitable heat presser for your products.  First of all, figure how many units of mugs you are willing to print in a day then every thing will be clearer and it will be easy to choose the best one. If you are willing to make mugs for gifting your colleagues and friends on occasional event then you should go for portable ones and if you are planning to start a startup then go for manual ones.


    Its good to have products from the companies which offer warranty of their products because at the end of the day these little margins matter a lot when you are running a business.  


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