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Sublimation T shirts

Clothes are our first impression for others and psychologically, it represents a lot of notions and expressions. Further, these colors also have certain vibes that effect your daily mood and we want you to stay always fresh and happy. Spread the colors of your happiest moments to cherish around. The coolest way to have your custom made sublime t shirts by using the best sublimation printer for t shirts. Further, best shirts for sublimation are manufactured accordingly for a purpose and we will help you choose sublimation t shirts wisely, as we care for your feelings and emotions.

Here in this blog, we will guide you about different aspects of sublimation shirts like things required for t shirt sublimation, quality and composition of shirts, best brands for shirt sublimation, and many more vitals things. 

Requirements for sublimation

1. T shirt sublimation machine

T shirt sublimation machine

A fine quality sublimation printer is required for printing on shirts effectively. For business oriented persons, sublimation devices are very crucial as they have to maintain expenses under budget and optimal performance. And for home usage, we have different requirements like the printing quality should be fine and long lasting. 

Learn more about sublimation printers for t shirts

2. Sublimation Ink

These are special inks that have the properties of sublimation. Other ordinary inks cannot be used for sublimation. So, pick the one that suite your printer. 

For further varieties, visit here.

3. Sublimation design

sublimation designs

These could be anything, your family photo, a loving memory like graduation day’s photo or your wedding anniversary gift. You can also customize your company’s logo on shirts which is a good way of advertising. There are certain website that offer free sublimation designs for t shirts while you can also make your own from Photoshop, Canva and many others. These designs are printed on a fine quality sublimation paper for t shirt printing.

Best shirts for sublimation: composition

Polyester (100%)

Pure polyester t shirts are considered best sublimation shirts due to certain features that these t-shirts for sublimation printing hold. One of the key thing is that polyester shirts are relatively cheaper and have no availability issues. They make more than half of overall fabric industry. The second benefit is that no additional toner or chemical is required for sublimation on polyester shirts. Several manufacturers make fibers exclusively for polyester t shirts for sublimation.

  • Cheaper than natural fibers
  • No toner required for sublimation
  • Less airy, heats up in summer

Tri-blend shirts

These shirts are made from three different fibers. Rayon fibers are mixed with cotton and polyester fibers to make a blended stuff that feels extra soft like natural fibers. The fabric has extremely soft and silky appearance. Due to this pleasant wearing experience, many sublimation companies prefer to use tri blend fabrics. No additional chemicals are required for sublimation on tri blend shirts. But an additional amount of ink is used as the cotton portion requires more amount then polyester. Further, a hit back is that the prints are not vivid so for sublimation t shirts, you should pick dull contrast color designs.

  • Soft and silky feel
  • No additional chemical required
  • Expensive

35% cotton and 65% polyester

This polycotton blend is mostly used by many sublimation printing brands as these shirts are cheaper, easily available and the prints are sharp and vivid. These type of shirts are lenient and can be used in both summers and winters and does not heat up like 100% polyester shirts for sublimation. One of the drawback of these shirts is that after washing, the prints fade away from cotton fibers. Overall, it is considered as good fabric for sublimation on t shirts

  • Readily available
  • Fit for summer and winter
  • Inks usage is slightly more than 100% polyester


These type of sublimation t shirts are usually made from cotton and polyester in equal proportions. This make them cheap. These type of shirts can be used as all weather clothes. In terms of sublimation, it is not considered a good candidate for t-shirt sublimation as half of the ink fade away after first wash. 

So, we do not recommend these type of fabrics for t shirt sublimation printing.

Best brands for Sublimation T shirts

These are bunch of quality players in shirt manufacturing worldwide that make the best shirts for sublimation. Out of many popular brands, we have selected some of the most trusted brands that offer wide variety and are more suitable of the business of sublimation t-shirts.

Vapor Apparel

Vapor apparel offers a wide variety of sublimation shirts along with other sublimation products. They have both short and full sleeve shirts that are available for both genders with a wide size range. Their shirts are made of 100% polyester fibers. So, the quality of printing will not be compromised.


There special toners have made their clothing extra soft like natural fiber. They also offer odorless shirts that reduce odor. These are additional features offered by vapor apparel. They also deals with sublimation t shirts wholesale.

Jerzees: best shirts for sublimation business

Jerzees is a famous and popular brand that deals with sportswear. They are also known for the softness of their shirts. Their shirts become softer and softer after every wash. Dri-power fabrication technology is their characteristics fiber included in sportswear. These 100% pure polyester shirts provide sharp and vivid color prints that last longer. Due to these extra ordinary features, Jerzees offers best sublimation blank shirts with really affordable price tags.

Port & company performance tee

Talking about thin shirts, port & company provides one of the thinnest yet soft polyester sublimation shirts at a very affordable range. Their use a unique technology known as dry zone wicking technology that provides these extraordinary features. Further, it also reduce heating of shirts. 100% polyester sublimation shirts provide perfect color toning with minimal usage of inks. These shirts are also cheaper in price that those made from natural fibers like cotton of silk.

Next level Mens : Best shirts for home sublimation

Blended t shirts also termed as polycotton shirts having 65 and 35 percent proportion of polyester and cotton respectively. These shirts are suitable of hot weathers and areas with long summers. As they are breezy and does not heat up comparing to pure polyester shirts. These type of shirts are mostly used for sublimation printing on t-shirts at home or personal use as they are more suitable for daily usage.

Although, some portion of ink is washed away but still the prints do not distort and sharpness remains intact but slightly less than polyester shirts.


At this concluding potion of our blog, we strongly suggest blended polycotton shirts for sublimation that are meant for your own usage or for routinely used outfits. They are soft and comfy. Airy fabrics does not heat up so, no worries for heat rashes.

For sublimation t shirt printing business, 100% polyester shirts are considered best shirts for sublimation. These are especially for sportswear. Some manufacturers’ offers odor free technology that lower odor form extreme sweating while working hard in sports or gym. In this article, you will find Sublimation T shirts which is the best way to show impressive and creative skills to your friends, colleague and community. In this article, you will find Sublimation T shirts which is the best way to show impressive and creative skills to your friends, colleague and community.

Frequently asked questions

Can we wash sublimation shirts?

Definitely sublimation shirts are not meant for single usage. We can wash them according to our needs. Bleaching or using other products depends on manufacturers guidelines. Sublimation has noting to do with it.

Can we sublimate of cotton shirts?

Yes, we can sublimate of cotton shirts but the bond between sublimation ink and cotton fibers will be really week. The prints will fade away after certain washes.   

How to sublimate on dark color shirts?

Dark color shirts are not particularly recommended for sublimation but we can sublimate on black and other dark colors. It will require and additional white vinyl layer sublimation underneath the actual subli-print.

What kind of shirt is best for sublimation?

100% pure polyester shirts are considered as best shirts for sublimation as they can hold the prints longer than other fabrics. Further, the prints are vibrant and bright. They also don’t require any additional toner or chemical fusions in sublimation process.

What Gildan shirts can I sublimate on?

Gildan is manufacturer brand of shirts that provide wide variety of products. Among all those products, Gildan 42000 is pure polyester shirt and it is considered to be best for sublimation among Gildan shirts

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