Top 12 Best sublimation inks in 2023 (Users Buying Guide)

top 12 best sublimation inks

Searching for sublimation inks means you have decided to convert your ordinary colored printer to a sublimation printer. Well, it seems interesting and delightful that you are using our services in this regard. Finding a suitable ink as a beginner may be a hectic task but don’t worry, we gonna help you find the perfect one for you. Our buying guide will help you know how to pick while our detailed review will help you figure out the best ink you need. In the comprehensive review below, we have found the 12 best sublimation inks currently available in the market that we recommend for you to choose a specific one for your printer.

Printers Jack Sublimation Ink: Epson sublimation ink

Enjoying sublimation experience with Epson printer! It is an enjoyable experience when your work is getting attention and praise from others. Printers Jack is among the top-notch manufacturers of the best sublimation inks. The one we are reviewing here is the best choice we found especially if you are having the famous Epson Eco tank series printer as they are just like made for each other. These 400ml printer jack ink bottles are available in four different as well as same color batches at a very reasonable price. It is appropriate and suggested for all types of piezoelectric sublimation printers.

Salient features of this Printers Jack Sublimation Ink for Epson printer include anti UV protection and a free ICC profile. Anti UV protection is the key feature that will solve the problem of peeling and fading colors due to heavy exposure to light. The colors will never shatter even by extreme water exposure. ICC profile is provided free of cost at their website. So don’t need to pay extra to get color combination instruction. The colors have a bright, vivid, and natural appearance. Moreover, Printers Jack Sublimation Ink is also ISO and MSDS certified so you don’t need to worry about the quality of ink. Feel relaxed and start sublimation on shirts, coffee mugs, ceramics, and whatever you want smoothly.

  • High Quality
  • Free ICC profile
  • Anti UV protection
  • ISO and MSDS certified
  • Reasonable price
  • Available in a set of 4 bottles but you may get it in a single color. So, overall it may seem a drawback but in long run, your ink will not be wasted.

Sawgrass ink: Xcinkjet Sublimation Ink

Sawgrass offers a wide range of sublimation ink printers and uses cartridge ink technology. Although the size of cartridges does vary in some printers, Xcinkjet inks are supported in many of them. Although the prices of cartridge inks are more than bottle inks the quality is also very different. The ink quality is very impressive and up to mark for sawgrass printers. The color density and sharpness are guaranteed. Moreover, the small diameter of sublimation ink particles will not clog in your printer’s nozzle.

The complete package comes with 4 standard color combinations that are suitable for a wide range of printers like sawgrass virtuous SG800, SG400, and many more. Xcinkjet Sublimation Ink works synergistically with sawgrass printers to produce sharp, vibrant, and dense color prints. This sawgrass ink works well on all kinds of stuff including utensils, Ties, pillows, bedsheets, polyester, and pendants, etc. it is very easy to replace without any worries. Further, 24 hours customer service is there to resolve your concerns.

  • No fading
  • Prevent clogging, and peeling
  • Good quality
  • Works well on multiple types of objects
  • Cheaper than Sublijet inks
  • ISO certified
  • Not recommended for SG500

InkOwl Compatible DYE Sublimation Ink: Sawgrass virtuous SG400 and SG 800

Got frustrated by spending a large amount of money on original sublimation inks by sawgrass then InkOwl is a good replacement for you. this dye sublimation ink works very well in both Sawgrass SG400 and SG800.  The color quality is really fine and the prints are bright, sharp, and vibrant. You will not feel any drawback in printing quality as compared to the original ones. The complete package consists of 4 cartridges with a larger black cartridge with 3 smaller cartridges of conventional colors.

The performance of InkOwl is remarkable. You will not find any clogging in the printer nozzle or peeling or fading of colors from sublimation prints. As InkOwl Compatible DYE Sublimation Ink is not a product from sawgrass, hence you will see warning messages from the printer that the printing quality will be affected but you have to ignore these notifications. The leftover ink gauge may also be incorrect but notifies when the ink is going to end. These things might seem to be inconvenient but you can ignore them when you can save a good amount without compromising on the quality of work.

  • Good performance
  • Bright colors
  • Anti-clogging and peeling free
  • Low price than sawgrass product
  • A continuous warning might lower printing speed

Sawgrass SubliJet HD Sublimation Ink for Sawgrass SG400 & SG800

If you are a diehard brand-conscious fan of Sawgrass, then this selection is only for you. Sublijet HD ink is the original product made by Sawgrass exclusively for their printers. The most prominent benefit of using the manufacturer-recommended product is that the output of the device is optimized. The same is in this case between Sublijet inks and sawgrass printers. These dye sublimation ink cartridges are available in separate packaging for each color and cartridge. So you can purchase any color according to your needs.

Smooth and reliable printing performance is provided with bright and vivid color combinations. It performs equally well on both paper and sublimation kinds of stuff like mugs, t-shirts, polyester fabrics, and ceramics, etc. As Sublijet HD ink is the original and recommended product, wastage of ink is greatly reduced than other non-original products. The printing quality is very smooth. Anti peeling and fading of colors is also prominent feature of Sublijet inks. 

  • Original sawgrass product
  • High-Quality ink
  • HD sublimation ink
  • High price

Note: If you are brand oriented person then high price tags will not affect you. This review is generalized on Sawgrass SubliJet HD Sublimation Inks and the buying link is for black color only. You can find other colors on amazon also.

Hiipoo Sublimation Ink: cheap sublimation ink

Have a shortage of money and need a refill in your Epson sublimation printer? Don’t worry, we figure out a cheap solution to your problem. Hiipoo inks are specially made concerning the affordability factor along with good performance. It is compatible with a wide range of Epson printers including the famous eco tank series including ET2720, 2700, 3350, etc and the C series like C88+.

This ISO and MSDS certified product is packed with quality features. Widely applicable for objects including banners, clothes, posters, ceramics, and fabrics having polyester in them. The performance is remarkable as this water-based dye sublimation Hiipoo ink is water-resistant. So the colors will not fade after washing fabrics or by rainwater. The ink particles are of half diameter than the spraying nozzle size of the printer so there are no chances of clogging or blocking the nozzle. Moreover, ICC profiles are not required for Hiipoo Sublimation Inks so you don’t have to worry about color combinations. The colors are bright and vibrant with perfect detailings. About 3000 regular-size pages can be printed but may vary when printing large-size sublimation prints. 

  • Cheap price
  • Widely applicable
  • No clogging, peeling, or fading
  • The small diameter of ink particles
  • ISO certified
  • ICC profile free
  • Messy Refilling

Refilling might be inconvenient using syringes but gloves will protect your hands. You can bear some stains when they can save several dollars as the auto-fillable bottles are also available on Amazon for more than extra 10 dollars.

INKXPRO Sublimation Ink

It is a professionally suitable ink for sublimation printing due to its high performance. This ink is compatible with Epson printers including C88+, and workforce series including WF 7720, 7710, 7820, using ink tanks or refillable cartridges. This dye sublimation ink works well with printers working on heat transfer technology. These tetra color bottles are cheaper and have fine quality for good and cheerful sublimation prints.

This professional sublimation ink made for Epson comes with a free ICC profile that is available on their store website. This optimizes the performance by adding crispiness to colors with perfect combination guidelines. This adds to the clarity of prints and reduces fuzziness and color fading. The InkXpro is suitable for application to several objects including fabrics, posters, banners, ceramics, wood, and polyester, etc. The consumption of ink is relatively less so it will last long and prints a lot of work for you.

  • Free ICC profile
  • Affordable price
  • Good quality
  • No fading
  • Clogging may appear

WOKOK Sublimation Ink: Affordable sublimation ink

This heat transfer ink is the cheapest among the best sublimation inks with matchable qualities. So, if you are looking for a cheaper ink and its performance is also up to the mark then WOKOK ink is a good choice. This ink is compatible with a wide range of Epson sublimation printers which belong to a series of the EcoTank(ET 2710, 2720, 3500), workforce(WF 7710, 7720), and C88+. These four colored inks will provide you with long-lasting bright colors on your sublimations. It also has a wide range of applicability including several kinds of stuff like fabrics, ceramics, and woody material. T-shirts and mug sublimation works are fascinating. The sharp and vivid colors will not fade as this cheapest sublimation ink is fade resistant along with water resistance technology.

It is easier to use and safety is ensured by ISO certifications including iso-9001 and iso-14001 along with MSDS certifications. Auto filling bottles are not available with this pick but syringes and gloves will help in refilling.

  • ISO and MSDS certifications
  • Easy to use
  • Cheapest ink
  • Fade-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Clogging may hinder printing speed.

CoYlBod Sublimation Ink

Our next choice is relatively newer and infamous but in terms of quality, it’s among the list of best sublimation inks. It is also considered as a top contender for compatible inks for Epson printers along with Printers jack ink. The CoYlBod ink is a high-quality sublimation ink that spreads quality colors around you. the printing experience is very good and enjoyable. In terms of compatibility, it has wide applications in different series of Epson printers including C88+, Eco Tank (2650,2720), and workforce (7010, 7720, 7710) series. The stability of ink is very fascinating. It dries quickly and does not leave roughness on sublimation prints. The prints are smooth and water-resistant hence the colors do not fade by washing. You can perform sublimation work on a wide range of items including fabrics, mats, ceramics, banners, and posters, etc.

ICC profile is also provided free of cost that will help you create bright and vivid colors for your work. The next feature of CoYlBod Sublimation Ink is easy to fill option that is in the form of bottles fitted for auto-filling of ink. The messy portion of ink refill is now no more cause of worry. Moreover, the quick and productive response of technical assistants will help you fix any issues relating to your sublimation system.

  • Anti-clogging
  • Anti-fading
  • Water-resistant
  • Free ICC profile
  • Auto filling bottles
  • The CoYlBod ink is not recommended for 100% cotton fabrics.

Anti-UV Best Sublimation Ink

Although there are lots of sublimation inks having anti UV technology are available and many of the above-mentioned inks do have this quality. But if your specific requirement is Anti UV ink, then you might like this AOPANE sublimation ink. The key feature of this ink that encouraged us to enlist is the price tag with anti UV technology that is too cheap when considering some other brand inks like Sublijet ink or sawgrass ink. It can be used for a wide range of Epson printers like different models of WorkForce (7010, 7710, 7720, 7610, 7620), Eco Tank series, and the commonest C88+.

It is compatible with both soft and hard objects. Cotton-polyester fabrics, T-shirts, and hard materials like mugs, wood, ceramic tiles, PVC, and all those kinds of stuff that can bear high temperature during the sublimation process. The colors are smooth and vibrant and do not fade or peel away. Further, the ink is not going to solidify when not in use for up to 1 year which is guaranteed, quite convincing. It is also ISO 9001 certified. So you can enjoy the smooth colors of this Anti-UV Sublimation Ink along with savings.

  • Anti-UV
  • Affordable
  • ISO certified
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to refill.

    Cosmos sublimation ink: Best sublimation ink for Epson

    Another famous product in the market of sublimation inks is cosmos ink which is due to its high quality and performance. Moreover, it is compatible with all Epson printers. Whether you are using all-time beginners’ favorite Epson 2720 or the giants from the workforce series, the performance of ink will be astonishing. ICC profile is not necessary for this ink due to its overall compatibility yet you will receive a color gamut in the mail when you order the ink directly from the manufacturer. You will not find any clogging or peeling defects. There are no application restrictions and you can use them on any kind of stuff like ceramics and fabrics. The colors are sharp and bright. One cooler offer by cosmos sublimation ink providers is for their regular customers is that you can get free shipping services after certain orders.

    • Cosmos ink is compatible with all Epson printers
    • High Quality
    • Easy to refill with needles
    • No clogging and peeling
    • Anti UV technology is not added

    Topcolor Sublimation Ink

    If you have a CISS printer then for sublimation purposes, topcolor ink will be a good choice. It is widely applicable on several kinds of stuff including T-shirts, ceramics, posters, and polyester fabrics.  It is also considered as the best sublimation ink for Epson 2720, 2750, 3600, 4550, XP 320, NX 330, SG 400, SG 800, and many more. It can also be used in refillable cartridges and also performs well. The colors are bright and vibrant. The anti-fading and ant peeling technology increase the stability of the Topcolor Sublimation Ink. The prints are water-resistant also. Moreover, it is also affordable and you can give it a try.

    • Wide compatibility
    • Easy to use
    • Anti fading and anti peeling
    • Water resistant
    • Not fit for disposable cartridges
    • A sublimation coating spray is required when used on fabrics with more than 30% cotton content.

    Hp Printer Ink-Original HP 61 Tri-color Ink

    Hp printers are commonly used in offices and educational institutes due to their ease of usage. Although, hp printers are not of the sublimation category they are frequently used for ordinary color printing but also perform equally well for glossy pictures. HP 61 Tri-color Ink comes with a wide range of compatible printer options. As it is the original product from HP, so you shouldn’t worry about wastage or ink clogging. This high-quality tetra ink cartridge prints twice the number of sheets as compared to other non-original inks. Hence good for your pocket and your time. The quality of ink is superb and trustworthy.

    This Hp printer ink is also available in the XL variant which has a double volume of ink as the regular one. Keep in mind that this XL variant could fit your hp printer. You can also buy a separate black ink cartridge. If you are an environment-caring person then you should go with this Original HP 61 Tri-color Ink as 82% of them are made from recycled plastic. Another customer-friendly feature is a smart ink subscription through which you can save up to 50% without even running out of ink as the company will deliver it to you timely. 

    • High quality
    • Ecofriendly
    • Affordable
    • Available in multi-volume options
    • Only for hp printers

    Buying Guide for best sublimation inks

    You don’t need to be master in information before selecting an ink suitable for your sublimation set up. You just need to keep in mind these few tips before making any decision as these are important aspects that will affect your sublimation printing experience greatly.


    Sometimes people quickly buy a product that seems to have special discounts to save money but when they receive their package, find the product incompatible with their device.  So, do not jump to a decision before a thoughtful of your needs form the product. First, confirm that your sublimation printer is compatible with cartridges or the ink tanks and also determine your personal needs that you require normal sublimation inks or ultra-high-definition sublimation inks, even cartridges sizes vary for different printers.

    ICC profile:

    This profile is a unique set of color combination instructions defined by the International Color Consortium for making color shades. Every ink has a slight but impactable variation in its ICC profile. Hence you must that this profile is provided by the manufacturer when buying ink sets or is available online on their store’s website. Keep in mind for some distributers, use need to pay for ICC profiles.


    Density of colors on a print depends equally on the printer and the quality of ink. Neither all inks perform the same way nor like the descriptions mentioned on them.


     To avoid clogging, keep in mind that the smaller the diameter of ink the better is the performance of the printer. Always prefer those small diameter sublimation inks rather than those on which the manufacturer hasn’t mentioned anything about diameter.


    Colors fading is a frequent problem and a limiting factor in the sublimation printing business. In the beginning, the colors are vibrant but fade away after washing so the solution is always to go for waterproof sublimation inks. Never underestimate this key point for saving a minute amount of money. This small amount of extra investment in ink will also save your prints from peeling, scratching, and fading.


    Always alter your requirements according to your product. So pick that applicable sublimation ink that is appropriate for your object on which you are working like wood, polyester, cotton, etc.

    Easy to handle:

    Why spend your time and efforts on those tasks that you can do easily by making the right choices. Always choose those ink bottles or cartridges that are easy to be replaced or refilled nut not compromising on the quality of ink.

    Use these key points for deciding the best sublimation inks and pick one from the inks reviewed above for your sublimation printer. If you are looking to buy a new printer visit our review on the Best sublimation printers for beginners and also recommend it to your fellows and dear ones.  


    What is anti-UV sublimation ink?

    Ultraviolet light is part of our sunlight having a short wavelength of 100nm to 400 nm. Concerning our topic of interest, UV light affects the colors of sublimation prints. It fades the color sharpness and makes them dull. This reduces the durability of printed colors. To cope with this problem, Anti UV inks are used that are not affected by UV radiations. The other benefit is that the colors won’t fade for a long time even when placed in direct sunlight for a long time.

    Where can you buy sublimation ink?

    You can buy these inks from Amazon which is a large marketplace for many items. They are also available on their manufacturer’s online store. You can also buy them from local technology stores near your home.

    How to make sublimation ink brighter?

    Two main factors will help you brighten the colors. First is the use of an accurate ICC profile for color saturation instructions. It will perfectly set the color combinations. The second one is using a good quality transfer paper so that the maximum portion of colors could transfer to the object. Moreover, the printer’s density of printing colors also matters a lot.

    What do you need for sublimation?

    You require several things for sublimation printing. The first is the sublimation printer then a sublimation ink. A transfer paper and the final object on which you are going to print. Each of these items works by different steps.

    What’s the best sublimation ink?

    The best sublimation ink for one printer may not be the best choice for another also. Even it may not be compatible with another one. So, there is not a single best pick for all printers. The commonest ones that are Sawgrass is Sublijet HD sublimation ink and for Epson printers is Printers Jack sublimation ink. 

    What kind of ink is used for sublimation?

    Particularly for sublimation, specific sublimation inks are used. These are different from ordinary inks. These ink particles transfer directly from the solid phase to vapors without going to the liquid phase. In this way, the sublimation ink is transferred from paper to the final object by applying pressure or high heat

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    Sophie Maxwell

    Thank you Robert for this detailed information. Cleared many confusions of mine

    […] Top 12 Best sublimation inks in 2022 (Users Buying Guide) […]

    […] Top 12 Best sublimation inks in 2022 (Users Buying Guide) […]

    […] Top 12 Best sublimation inks in 2022 (Users Buying Guide) […]

    […] Top 12 Best sublimation inks in 2022 (Users Buying Guide) […]

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