Types of Heat Press Machines

types of heat presers

As you are here to read this article, it means you already know what a heat press machine is and what do they do. So, I will not waste your time in explaining the functionality of a heat press machine. Let’s see the four main types of the heat pressers with their advantages and disadvantages.

All the heat press machines do the same work of transferring the sublimation ink to your t shirts, mugs, ceramic tiles, hats and other stuff but they are designed differently for a specific work.

It is better to know the pros and cons of the machines and the kind of job you are willing to use them for, before rushing into buy one.

There are four main types of the heat press machines according to their design which are as follows:


Clamshell Heat Press Machine-min

The name of this machine is due to its design. It opens up and closes like a clam. This machine can be opened to a degree angle by lifting the upper part through a handle.  The upper and bottom parts consist of heat platen, usually coated with Teflon, which transfer the heat to your object when the meet (closed).

This model is very easy to use and occupy a lesser space in your working area. That is why it is equally popular among the beginners and the professionals.

If you want to read more about different clamshell heat press machines and planning to buy the best among the different machines available in the market then Click Here.

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Here are some advantages and disadvantages of clamshell heat pressers.

  • Easy to Use
  • Best for T shirts and Sweat Shirts
  • Occupy Lesser Space
  • Easy to set up
  • Pressure is not distributed Equally
  • Not suitable for Ceramic Tiles
  • Use More Energy

Swing Away / Swingers

Swing Away Heat Press Machine

These machines are popular by the name of swingers in the industry. The upper part of this machine swings away from the bottom part; 360 degrees in some models.

As you can see by the names of these machines, they describe the functionality of the opening and closing of the machine. The way the machine opens that is its name, it is as simple as that and no rocket science is there in the name.

Swing away machines are a bit safer than clamshell machines as the chances of burning reduces to minimum.

Swingers are preferred by professionals and business owners. They are also used in homes and small printing shops due to their high-end ability of transferring sublimation ink on to the objects. 

Here are general advantages and disadvantages of swing away heat presser and if you want to read about different swingers and want to pick the best among the available in the market then read out article top 5 swing away heat press machines. 

  • Energy Efficient
  • Good for Thick Substances
  • Heavy Duty
  • Pressure distribution is equal
  • Heat distributes Evenly
  • Requires More Space
  • Difficult to move from one place to other

Pullout Drawer

pull Heat Press Machine

As the name shows “Drawer”, the lower platen of this heat press opens towards the user like a drawer.

 This machine allows the operator to use freely without the fear of burning from the upper platen.

Pullout Drawer heat press machine is widely used in sublimation printing on t shirts and other garments.

This machine has a moveable work surface which prevents the design from shifting out of the place before the transfer starts. This feature is attractive because your objects will not be damaged.

  • Best for Garments
  • You can Position garments easily
  • Pull out feature allows for more room to lay out garments safely
  • Cost is High
  • Need more space due to Pull out feature.


portable heat press

The portable heat press machine is best for the people who enjoys to transfers sublimation prints on t shirts, hats and other garments.

Potable heat pressers are perfect for simple heat transfer vinyl and dye-sublimation transfer onto t-shirts, tote bags and baby bodysuits.

Want to read more about top 5 best portable heat press machines available in the market? And planning to buy one for a personalized experience of sublimation printing at home, Click Here.

  • Light Weight
  • Best for home and small business
  • Affordable
  • No pressure settings
  • No temperature settings
  • No memory
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