Top 5 Best Portable Heat Press Machines

Best Portable Heat Press Machines

For every unique job, there is a heat press machine available in the market. From a high-end business owner to a home user, there are machine for your specific type of the work. Here in this blog, I have reviewed top 5 tiny, hand held and portable heat press machines.

These portable heat pressers are affordable and easy to use. These are best for home decors and for event gifting. But if you are looking to buy a heat press machines for business purposes then you should check our articles on the top 8 best heat press machines.

It’s better to know the nature of your work before buying a heat press machine but the tiny heat press machines are always best because they can be used for multi purposes.

Cricut Easy Press

Cricut Easy Press

Cricut easy press heat press machine is one of the best mini heat pressers that are available in the market in 2023. Living up to the name of the company this machine is on top in the category of best portable heat press machines.

It comes in two sizes, 9×9 inches is best for transferring your sublimation printing on bags, t shirts, pillows and smaller size products. The larger 12×10 inches can be use to print on flags and small banners.

The best part of Cricut easy press is, you can connect this to your Cricut heat App through a Bluetooth and the app will automatically set the temperature for the kind of product you are willing it to use on. Isn’t it the best part/ as you are free from guessing the right settings for each product. The temperature of this hand-held heat press machine can go up to 400 degrees F, which is good for a professional finish.

The tricky part in all the portable heat press machines is, the pressure settings, as you have to adjust the presser by the force of your hands manually by pressing it onto the surface while transferring the sublimation print.

  • Automatic Shutdown
  • Automatic and Manual Temperature Settings
  • Comes in Two sizes
  • Cannot be used on Larger Areas

Fierton Heat Press Machine

Fierton Heat Press Machine_

Fierton heat presser is one of the best mini heat press machines which comes under $100 in 2023.  This heat press machine is best for transferring sublimation printing on t shirts and other stuff in minutes just like any other hand-held heat press machine.

The biggest problem that solves this machine is manual pressure, yes you read right, this machine has automatic pressure settings. It means you do not need to worry about putting the pressuring manually by your hands, just put the settings and the machines will do the rest for you through its patent automatic press technology.

It comes with the dimensions of 12 x10 inches, which is enough for sublimation printing on t shirts of all the kind and also some other stuff like bags, ceramic tiles and many other things.

It can take some time to get familiar with perfect heat and time settings for different objects but with its easy-to-use technology you can test this machine before use until you get perfect results.

  • Can be Used Personally and Commercially
  • Digital control Panel
  • Automatic Pressure Settings
  • Unable to cover larger Surfaces than a T shirt

O Bosstop Portable Heat Press Machine

O Bosstop Portable Heat Press Machine_

This portable and easy to use heat press machine is your stop if you are looking to buy a heat presser which is good for home use only.  Due to its convenient handle, I can be used as in iron because the pressure needs to be applied manually while transferring the sublimation print.

It also has a small display for time and temperature settings and a memory too. It means if you find a perfect time and temperature combination, you can re-use it at any time.

The beep alarm feature is noticeable as it alerts the user when the process is finished and also it turns off when it remains inactive for 30 minutes.

It has a silicon mat which provides safety and good surface to work on. This heat press machine is best for personal use as it comes in 9×9 inches size which makes it hand held and portable.

  • Comes with a Safety Pad
  • Good for T shirts, Bags, and Other Small Stuff.
  • Timer is on 300 Seconds Maximum.
  • Manual Pressure

DODODUM Mini Heat Press Machine

For smaller objects like pockets, shoes and small prints on hats you need even a smaller heat press machine than all of the above mentioned. The mini heat press machine by DODODUM shines here.

This mini heat press machines can do all the work as other expensive machines of this kind such as Cricut mini heat press machine but it comes in cheaper price.

The plate size is 3×2 inches by which you can imagine how small this baby is. You can also fit this in your pocket while travelling.

The DODODUM mini heat press machines come with three temperature setting as low temperature: 284℉ (140℃), Medium temperature: 320℉ (160℃), High temperature:374℉(190℃).

If you are looking to work with smaller objects like shoes then this solid and compact machine is best for you.

  • Equipped with insulated Safety Base
  • Automatic Shutoff
  • Can only be used under 110-120V

HTVRONT Mini Heat Press

The HTVRONT mini heat press machine is best for the objects smaller than 3×4 inches size.

This handheld mini heat press machine has three different temperature settings to work efferently with different type of objects. The maximum temperature of this machine is 356 degrees f, which is good for transferring sublimation prints on small objects like shoes, pockets and on hats.

The handheld mini heat press machine has an auto shutoff feature which turns this machine off after ten minutes of inactivity. So, no need to worry about the safety and excessive power consumption.

As you can imagine by its size that the weight must be less, yes you are right, this machine only has a weight of 1.4 lbs. which makes it incredibly easy to handle and transport

  • Easy to Use.
  • High Maximum Temp.
  • Full Featured Mini Machine
  • Only 1 year warranty

Concluding Remarks

If you are a multitasker and loves to do other works then I would recommend Fierton Heat Press Machine for you. Because the pressure settings are automatic and you do not need to apply pressure manually.  But if you are looking to work with really small objects then DODODUM Mini Heat Press Machine is the one you should buy.

Buying Guide

If the nature of business is clear in your mind and you want to buy a portable heat press machine then these guidelines you should follow:


The size of your product matters a lot in purchasing the portable heat press machine for sublimation printing. If you are looking to work with baby clothes then a 3×3 inches machine or a 6×6 inches machine is perfect for you. But if you are looking to transfer sublimation ink on objects like bags, hats and t shirts then a heat press machines of 9×9 inches or 12×10 inches will do the job for you.


You can find mini heat pressers around $ 60 and portable heat press machines around $100. Some machines are expensive because they are from larger and trusted manufactures.


A portable heat press machine which reaches the maximum temperature above 350 degrees F are good. This temperature is good enough to transfer your sublimation prints on to different fabrics and objects.

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