Top 8 Best Sublimation Printers for Cricut

Great works are those whom you love to do. Creating crafts for fun and adornment is a creative hobby. To withdraw money from your hobby of Cricut crafting is awesome and has great business potential. To cash this opportunity, you need the best sublimation printer for Cricut printing that will help you draft your creativity on paper with rich-hued and vibrant colors. The Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine will cut your free Christmas fonts with your unlimited craft designs.  You will find the best crafting printers in the review list below.

Epson EcoTank 2750

Want to bring extra vibrant and bright colors to your sublimation printing with Cricut using one of the best Epson craft printers? All your needs will be fulfilled by this successor of Epson EcoTank 2720 which is ET 2750 loaded with extra features than the predecessor one.


This 3 in 1 printer compatible with Cricut sublimation is perfectly made to bear office usage. You can complete tasks related to copying, scanning, and faxing with this machine. Auto two-sided printing saves a lot of time and hectic sheet turnovers.


Among the most rated feature is the resolution of this device which is 5760 x 1440 DPI. The colors are very sharp and vibrant with no signs of smudges or fuzziness. I bet you will forget these two problems even existed while using this best printer for Cricut sublimation.


You must be aware of this feature that these EcoTank series were made for, that is saving ink. So as usual ink bottles are used that save 80% of the money at every refill. We personally felt that this is cheaper than cartridge inks but it is also convenient to use and also comes with color features like water-resistant and fade-resistant.

Printing Size: 

8.5 x 11.7 inches of sheets are supported along with envelopes, labels, etc. that are helpful in office usage.


Numerous ways of connections including Wi-Fi direct are available for easy data transfer and printing sublimations. Further, a colored display adds ease to the user while operating.

  • High resolution
  • Low printing cost
  • Multifunctional
  • Easy to operate
  • Paper tray has a small capacity

Lexmark MC3224dwe

This robust machine is multifunctional in terms of quality colored printing along with energy savings. This Lexmark sublimation machine for Cricut is a marvel of engineering that provides extra sophisticated performance along with durability and minimizing wastage of energy and paper.

Durability and Performance: 

this lavishly designed Circut sublimation machine is highly durable because of its compact body design made from steel. This increases the lifetime of the printing device. The working experience of a 1 GHz processor is fast and steady. Further enhanced by internal memory, the auto dual-sided printing functions performance is enhanced for considerable efficacy.

Fax and Copy: 

Having this device you can get rid of extra devices for fax and copying documents when you can just do your routine tasks easily with this Cricut sublimation printer.

Cyber Secure: 

Document security features are really impressive and functional enough to protect your data from malware threats. So print your free circuit designs safely and securely more than ever.


trouble-free Wi-Fi support is provided along with Ethernet cable support for fast and reliable connections. You can also print using smartphones with conventional apps like Air print, Morea, and google print easily. Further, USB support is also available.

Environment friendly:

With this fast-growing world, environmental safety is a concern for all of us. So to cope with such a situation, this certified energy saving star is really efficient to save a lot of energy which lowers per print cost. The toner cartridges are also recyclable.

  • Quality prints
  • End to end security
  • Durable
  • Color scan
  • Absence of auto-documentation feeder

Epson WorkForce WF-7710 Wireless

The sublimation business is boosting day by day to meet the newer requirements swiftly. This inkjet printer for Cricut sublimation is a key component when working on large-scale entrepreneurial projects especially when they are also associated to organize Cricut vinyl. For all such multitasking, WF 7710 is highly recommended for you.


Remarkable high performance is guaranteed by the PrecisionCore technology used in this printer. Although this is not the newest one but it is optimized to perform excellently without worries.

Printing Size: 

this wide format sublimation printer is capable of printing 13″ x 19″ sheets even in borderless form also. This amazing feature helps you create the best Cricut font for t shirts, mugs, and other kinds of stuff freely and efficiently.


Large storage of 250 sheets is good enough to save a lot of time for continuous feeding. Even you can store envelopes and letters in another one. So you can say that Epson has made every possible effort to reduce your irritating problems.

Printing speed: 

Auto 2 sided printing at 8 ppm speed! What else do you want?


Wireless connection support along with a 4.3” touch screen controller is easy to use and user-friendly.

  • High performance
  • Wide-format
  • Large touch display
  • Speedy prints
  • Cartridge inks are a bit costly

Canon PIXMA G5020

Your expanding business needs an inkjet printer for Cricut that has fast printing speed and can manage heavy tasks. For this, you need a steady, speedy, and high-performing sublimation printer for circuit designs and printing.  


Optimized inkjet technology work astonishingly fast and reliable and cost-efficiently that you must be considering while running a Cricut sublimation business.


The cost reduction factor of this printer compatible with Cricut making designs is the refilling of Cricut sublimation ink. every time you gonna save up to a thousand dollars, isn’t that amazing? The large ink tanks store a huge amount of ink that can print up to 6000 black and 7700 colored prints. Further, the modified and user-friendly nozzle will make sure that doesn’t end up messing with spills.

Printing Size

In this section, the variety of variations is also there for you but limited to legal size. Although you can print as small as 3.5” x 3.5” to as wider as 8” x 10” along with envelopes printing options.


WI-FI connection facility is also provided along with Ethernet support. Further adding ease to this category, voice commands are also activated in this dynamically designed best inkjet printer for Cricut printing.

  • Quality prints
  • Auto duplex
  • Can handle heavy workload
  • Voice commands
  • No backlight on screen

Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Wireless Color All-in-One Supertank Printer

The next one featured in this review about the best printers to use with Cricut printing is the all-in-one multipurpose and the best Epson printer for Cricut. Epson 2720 is tremendous in terms of performance, quality, and durability. Inbuilt scanner and copier detect even minor details with accuracy and then copy them perfectly.


High performance is assured in this affordable sublimation printer that will ease your printing experience. This Micro Piezo heat-free technology saves a lot of energy by maintaining the quality of prints along with maintaining color vibrancy.


This compact device has 5670 x 1440 dpi resolution which gives vibrant, sharp, and vivid colors making it the best printer for arts and crafts.

Cartridge free printing: 

Cartridges are known to be costly hence they increase per print cost. To provide ease in this matter, Epson 2720 uses ink bottles that are environment friendly, and their colors crisp and sharpness is up to the mark. Further, this Cricut infusible ink printer also saves 90% of ink wastage effectively and a single refill can last up to 7500 color prints.

Printing Size: 

Sizes are variably compatible including 4″ x 6″, Letter, A4, and legal with options in writing fonts for Cricut.


Multiple connectivity options are available in this device like wifi, Ethernet, and USB.

Easy to operate: 

A small yet effective touch screen helps to easily operate this device. Voice-activated commands using Alexa are very easy and convenient in routine usage.

  • Micro Piezo heat-free technology
  • Eco-friendly
  • Affordable
  • 5670 x 1440 dpi resolution 
  • Easy to operate
  • Auto dual-sided printing is not available

HP DeskJet 4155e
All-in-One Wireless Color Printer

Word Bonus is always fascinating for each of us so why don’t we introduce you to the best Hp printer for Cricut sublimation that has a bonus of free ink for the next 6 months. Even if you are a beginner in this Cricut sublimation business then this offer will help you establish your roots.

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Multifunctional printer made to meet all basic and essential needs of your office like printing, faxes, and copying. Hp smart printing feature is impressive for maintaining the security of your data.

Auto documentation feeder: 

Many of the time you would have to stand by your printer to complete the printing task which wastes a lot of your precious time. Understanding the importance of your time, HP introduced this feature so you can print easily up to 35 pages capacity.  

Hp smart App: 

Your phone is smarter like you, now use it to print freely from anywhere.

Printing Size: 

This is phenomenal that Hp has provided their devices with wider printing options of 8.5” x 14”. Further, envelopes, glossy prints of letterheads are also accessible.


Wireless connectivity options along with USB, and Bluetooth are available in this best color printer for Cricut sublimation.

  • Auto documentation feeder
  • Smart App
  • Wide printing
  • 6-month free bonus ink
  • Only hp inks are compatible

Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S
Eco-Value Dye-Sub Photo Printer

Storage losses are sometimes costly when working on a large scale. To cope with such situation of wasting sublimation paper for Cricut, this Mitsubishi printer works on two distinct and frequently used sizes.


High performance is provided to enhance the print texture and color saturation.

Resolution: these Mitsubishi printers have gained higher resolution than before of 300 x 300 DPI by incorporating an image processing system in them. The performance of this processor is elegant.  


This star energy saver reduces your energy consumption than other laser printers up to 96% when the printer is on sleep mode. So when you are not working, you are saving energy for a safer, sustainable, and beautiful environment.

Matte Finish

Matte finishing colors are the hot talk of the town. To enhance your ordinary work to matte colors. For this, you can use this best printer for Cricut maker projects for matte finished designs.

Two print formats:

4” x 6“ and 6“x 8” are two printing formats that will save your time and money along with saving storage losses and maintenance.

  • Energy saver
  • Matte finish
  • High resolution
  • Dye sublimation technology.
  • Sometimes slows down.

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HP DesignJet T210
Large Format

This wide-format inkjet printer for Cricut printing adds value to this review article. Completely customizable for Cricut sublimation paper cutting and handling in extended variety along with the inbuilt stand for the printer.


All-round performer is the best printer to use with Cricut designs, precise line maps, accurate graphs, and rich colored structural maps. The crispy colors and highlighting of every single dot is the salient feature of HP designjet T210.

1 click prints:

this amazing feature is really time-saving and helpful. Just one click and multiple files are printed without errors and repeated commands. You will appreciate this feature when dealing with heavy tasks load.

Printing Size: 

Posters and maps require wide format prints hence this best crafting printer has a 24” wide printing capacity with an astonishing speed of 45 seconds per page for A1/D size.

Media handling: 

The rolling feeder works flawlessly in feeding the printer with an appropriate sheet for printing. This lowers the space occupied by the device as compared to straight feeding trays.


High-speed Wi-Fi, and USB along with Gigabit Ethernet are provided for ultimate connections.

Environment friendly: 

more than 50% of plastic is recycled efficiently to make the compact body of this printer.

  • 24” printing
  • Print from anywhere
  • Easy to operate
  • Eco-friendly
  • On HP Original inks can be used


After conducting and completing this thorough review for the best sublimation printers for Cricut design printing, we would like to summarize this whole work by concluding that Epson Ecotank 2750 and HP DesignJet T210 are the two best crafting printers among the list of these eight printers. No doubt these eight are top-of-the-line competitors among the whole market has special trust from customers because of their high performance, durability, and quality of prints with lesser printing cost. This review is based on personal experience, customer reviews, and product specifications that perform well efficiently.

Buying Guide

In this particular section, we will discuss thoroughly about those things that matter a lot while picking the right sublimation printer. There are a few things that matter a lot while printing. Before digging into the features that affect the quality of printing. First, we will discuss how to convert a simple printer into a sublimation category printer.

Most of the inkjet printers are capable of sublimation printing after conversion. There are slight changes that are made in the printer to convert them sublimation category.  You would have to change the ordinary ink with sublimation ink. Those printers which use cartridge inks are a little difficult to convert because their ink cartridges are placed inside the printer which needs some technical efforts to change them. While those like eco tank series their ink tanks are placed outside the main body. In them, we just have to pour the sublimation ink. But we also have to fix the ICC color profiling to get maximum and optimized color resolution with proper color saturation. These ICC profiles are available with inks.


Resolution is the sharpness and vibrancy of colors. So if you want your prints to be sharp and vivid then select the highest resolution printer. Like in case for t, shirt sublimation or mug sublimation. You would require higher resolution printers having resolution above 4000 dpi. While if you are working on making maps, line charts, or graphs then printers having 300 cross 300 dpi resolution are enough to highlight every minimal detail.

Printing speed

Engaged in a sublimation business always requires speedy prints. So for business, speedy printers matter a lot as they boost productivity and enhance the growth of the business. But if you are using them for personal recreational purposes then printing speed does not matter a lot. For this, you can also go with a bit slower printers with good performance and low prices.

Printing size

For business, the best sublimation printer for Cricut printing is the one that has multiple printing size compatibilities ranging from small photo prints to wider posters, fabrics, and ceramics Cricut design printing. In other words, the more printing variable sizes you have the better your business can flourish.


Multiple connections are always preferable. USB, Bluetooth, and wi-fi are easy to use. Printing from your mobile phone and voice-activated commands boost productivity.

Ink quality

There are two types of submission ink categories. One is cartridge inks while the other one is bottled sublimation inks. Cartridge inks are brighter and sharp in colors. Mostly they are placed inside the printer and need technical support to change them. Although their refills are not messy because the cartridge ink doesn’t spill but they’re costly as compared to bottled sublimation inks. These bottled inks are produced by many manufacturers some of them have extraordinary quality with color sharpness equal to the cartridges inks and they are cheaper. Sometimes the refill can be messy but now auto-filling bottles are also available which will avoid spills.

When you are using ink from other brands then you need an ICC profile for setting color saturation levels to get maximum and optimized color richness and sharpness.


What is sublimation Cricut?

Sublimation is a chemical process from school chemistry in which a solid-state subject is directly converted to a gaseous one with the aid of sudden high temperature and pressure. For Cricut sublimation, you need the best crafting printer that is also capable of sublimation printing, a Cricut like Cricut Joy Machine or Cricut Maker Champagne Machine for cutting, and then a heat press for final sublimation. 

How to do sublimation with Cricut?

In order to do sublimation work using a Cricut machine, first, a sublimation printed paper is cut into certain designs using a Cricut machine and then a special heat press machine sublimates the ink from paper to the final object.

What is sublimation printing Cricut?

This is a process involving sublimation printing, Cricut cutting, and heat pressing of the art and craft projects. All these functions are performed one after another by three different devices.

Can I do sublimation with Cricut?

No, Cricut is not a sublimation device instead it is meant for cutting the crafted sublimation printed papers. These cutouts are then heat-pressed for final results.

What is the best printer for Cricut?

In the above list of the best sublimation printers for Cricut printing, we figured out eight top-of-the-line devices that are best among all others in the market from different brands with different specifications and salient features. Among these, Epson EcoTank 2750 and HP DesignJet T210 are the best printers for Cricut.

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[…] Top 8 Best Sublimation Printers for Cricut […]

[…] Top 8 Best Sublimation Printers for Cricut […]

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